mfc >> Tab key does not work in CDialogBar

by abhi_junk » Mon, 26 Apr 2004 04:59:58 GMT

I have a dialog bar containing two edit controls and two associated
(buddy) spin controls. I have set the tab order for the controls in
the resource editor (and enabled Tab stop property for edit controls),
and instantiated the dialog bar in CMainFrame::OnCreate().

The dialog bar works fine, except that pressing the tab key does not
move the cursor to the next edit control.

The problem is that I have assigned the Tab key as a shortcut key for
one of the application menus (set via accelerator table). The
framework is routing the Tab key to the application menu, and hence
the CDialogBar never sees this keypress. What should I do to route the
Tab keypress to dialogbar when a control in the dialog bar has focus
and route it to application meu when the dialog bar does NOT have the

Thank you for help

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