Microsoft Visual C++/VC++ >> Tom, what are you doing different ?

by ?UTF-8?Q?JeffE280A6Relf » Tue, 26 Jun 2007 09:32:57 GMT

When I post from Comcast.COM or Cotse.NET to News.MicroSoft.COM:119
my domain and IP address are in the " NNTP-Posting-Host " field
in the header of my post.

Yet you ( Tom ) get: " ( Local_Host ) Phx.GBL ".
What are you doing different ?
It looks like you're posting from ( not to ) MicroSoft.COM .

If I don't specify a message ID ( as your client, Win Mail, doesn't )
the MID ends in Phx.GBL, not MicroSoft.COM .
I live just north of the Univ. of Wash., Seattle campus,
so MicroSoft is an 8 minute bus ride from the Montlake bridge,
across the floating bridge ( 520 ).

The Montlake bridge connects to south campus,
near the medical facilities and the Yatch Clubs.

Bill Gates recently donated .105 gigadollars to the U.W.
to create the " Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation ".
The U.W. is chipping in too, bringing the total to .125 gigadollars.

The money is to be spent over ten years staring this October,
existing facilities ( near me ) will be used, no new buildings.
They're at: " www.HealthMetricsAndEvaluation.ORG ".

" Whenever someone would ask [ Bill Gates ] for money,
according to Lopez, Gates would quiz them about
their '' burden of disease '' measurement. "
" While people had previously focused on illnesses such as
malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis, Murray said they found
three problems were being largely ignored:

mental health, traffic injuries and heart disease/diabetes. ".

Microsoft Visual C++/VC++ >> Tom, what are you doing different ?

by Tom Serface » Wed, 27 Jun 2007 00:11:49 GMT

I uses Windows Mail from Vista. Maybe something different is happening
there. I've actually never thought much about it so longs as my messages
keep showing up and I can see others message I'm a happy guy.

I used to live in Woodinville for years, but that was a really long time ago
(before Internet became popular) so I doubt that is following me around.


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