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by Sm9lIE4 » Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:40:01 GMT

Posted this in the exchange admin group but it's better suited here I believe.

We have Exchange 2007 configured with Outlook Anywhere setup and we can
connect just fine. But using Outlook 2007 (haven't tested with 2003) opening
the initial connection and sync takes some time (up to a few minutes) because
Outlook is trying to make an RPC connection directly to the mailbox server.
Once it times out and uses HTTP it makes the connection.

But then at random times it seems that Outlook will try RPC again to the
mailbox server. Outlook will display the "Trying to connect to Microsoft
Exchange" in the bottom right status pane. Netstat shows RPC attempts and
the connection status will show an attempt to the mailbox server over TCP/IP.
Changing the option to use HTTP first on fast networks does doesn't
completely help. Opening and making a connection via HTTP is quicker but it
still tries to make RPC calls.

Surely this isn't expected behavior as it sometimes freezes Outlook for up
to a minute. Any ideas?

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Could you tell me where I can found the default timeout value of the port 
sent by a rpc request : 

outlook try to connect to the exchange server => RPC to port 135
Server reply with a port number ( 1048 ) 
client use the 1048 port.
but for how many time does this client uses the port 1048 ?

( it's because we have a firewall between the client and the server ... so 
we need to configure an inspection of the RPC traffic to allow the 
communication between the client and the server ). This communication works 
for some minutes only ... 
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