vc >> assign NaN, +Inf, -Inf to double/float

by kwijibo » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 16:29:57 GMT

Hello everybody,

how can I assign one of the above values to a float or double?


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float foo()
		return (2 + 2);
		return (0.0 / 0.0);

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double testNum = StringToFloat(strBAdString); //testNum is now -1.#IND

bool tmp = testNum <= m_max;	
bool tmp2 = testNum >= GetMin();
bool tmp3 = testNum <= GetMax();
bool tmp4 = testNum == GetMax();
double tmpMax = GetMax();
bool tmp5 = testNum <= tmpMax;

I have a problem that all the tmp bool's are true, except tmp3. tmp3 is 

GetMax() is exactly a one line function
that looks like this.
double myClass::GetMax() const
	return m_max;
and m_max is a member function
double m_max;

So my question is Why? Why is tmp3 false?

not only that but shouldn't tmp4 be false. why is it true?

I'm using VC++6 running in Debug mode.

thanks , how

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