AS/400 >> Using Qualified Data-Strucutue & Embedded SQL "INSERT"

by pauljsgroi » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 21:46:33 GMT

consider the following DS:

d dsbcf e ds extname(sobcf)
d dsbothbcf ds qualified
d dscurrbcf likeds(dsbcf)
d dspriorbcf likeds(dsbcf)

--- we're trying to perform the following INSERT:

c/exec sql
c+ insert into sobcf
c+ values (:dsbothbcf.dscurrbcf)

---Note, we'd like to be able to "qualify" the dscurrbcf portion of dsbothbcf
-- doesn't this look like it should work -- but -- it doesn't...

any ideas????

it's weird -- the error we get is "dscurrbcf not declared or not usable"

any help would be appreciated, thanx!

paul j. sgroi

AS/400 >> Using Qualified Data-Strucutue & Embedded SQL "INSERT"

by SamL » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 09:12:00 GMT

I'm fairly sure the SQL Precompiler won't support anything except a plain
vanilla DS until V5R3.



AS/400 >> Using Qualified Data-Strucutue & Embedded SQL "INSERT"

by Birgitta.Hauser » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 11:10:01 GMT

Hi Paul,

qualified datastructures cannot be handled by the SQL precompiler
before release V5R3M0.

Normally the SQL precompiler developement is one or two releases
behind the RPG compiler development.


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"Andrew Goodspeed" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I found a relevant posting from Kent Milligan dated 7JUN2001 on
> topic, which seemed to be asking whether this was an
enhancement that
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>  454 C                   Z-ADD     -4            SQLER6
>  455 C                   CALL      'QSQROUTE'
>  456 C                   PARM                    SQLCA
>  457 C                   PARM                    SQL_00006
>  458 C     SQL_00009     IFEQ      '1'
>  459 C                   EVAL      EXTVERID = SQL_00011
>  460 C                   EVAL      EXTACCTHLDTYP = SQL_00012
>  461 C                   EVAL      EXTTRANDESC = SQL_00013
>  462 C                   EVAL      EXTTRANDATE = SQL_00014
>  463 C                   EVAL      EXTEXECDATE = SQL_00015
>  464 C                   EVAL      EXTTRANTYPE = SQL_00016
>  465 C                   EVAL      EXTACCTTYPE = SQL_00017
>  466 C                   EVAL      EXTPRENOTE = SQL_00018
>  467 C                   EVAL      EXTTRGBNKRT = SQL_00019
>  468 C                   EVAL      EXTTRGBNKRTCK = SQL_00020
>  469 C                   EVAL      EXTACCOUNT = SQL_00021
>  470 C                   EVAL      EXTAMOUNT = SQL_00022
>  471 C                   EVAL      EXTRCPID = SQL_00023
>  472 C                   EVAL      EXTRCPNAME = SQL_00024
>  473 C                   END
> Now, it does require that the qualification is valid, but once
> verifies that, it renders the qualification moot by simply
removing it.
> Needles to say, the compile fails on this generated code.
> Is this a feature or a bug, and is there any incantation that
can get it
> to work in a sensible fashion?
> Much obliged.

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