AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by Andy M » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 09:49:29 GMT

Scenario :

1. Small LAN of 1 x 4 port hub, 1 Laptop, 1 Desktop, 1 x AS400 model
270 all connected through the hub.

2. IP address of Desktop is

3. Cable modem connected to desktop and internet connection is shared.

4. AS400 fixed to IP address

5. Laptop gets its IP address from the desktop.

6. Port mapper used to map requests for ports 20, 21, 23, 5042 to AS400

7. Re-director used to resolve external requests from internet to my
LAN when request is to "" ..... minus the
quotes of course. Feel free to point a 5250 emulator to this - you will
get a sign on screen.

Problem - FTP from Desktop and Laptop to AS400 works perfect. However,
external requests get connection and can log on, but PUT or GET
commands are met with "425 not able to open data connection" even when
all local firewalls are turned off.

Any ideas ?

Andy M.

AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by Mark » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:43:35 GMT

Try sending the command SENDPASV from the client.

AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by Andy M » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 18:53:23 GMT

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. Can you expand on this for me please. I'm trying
to ftp the SERVER from a Window's client FTP (command prompt) and there
is no SENDPASV command.

AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by 400_newbie » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:30:59 GMT

The issue has to do with the way FTP handles data communications, Back in
the day, when firewalling was a lower priority and NATted connections were
unknown, The ftp client would send a request to the remote host telling it
what its IP it is and an available incoming port. The server will then
initiate a connection to that port.

The problem is that the local system only knows its local address
192.168.1.x and the remote host only knows of its internet address
66.124.x.x (or whatever). So the local client is telling the remote host
'please contact me for data transfer at 192.168.1.x at port 5678" and the
remote can't connect to that.

Logins work because they occur on the same TCP session that you connected
on, data transfers do not.

The solution, and nearly every FTP server supports this, is to use PASV
mode. This forces the remote FTP to transfer on a session that the client

do a help or remote help at the ftp prompt after being logged in to the site
to find the proper PASV command. you may need to issue it with "site quote


AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by Mark » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 21:21:41 GMT

Try entering "quote site sendpasv" without the quotes as command.

AS/400 >> 425 Not able to open data connection

by Ren?H. Hartman » Tue, 13 Dec 2005 01:34:15 GMT

May I recommend searching the newsgroup before posting?
The issue is indeed most likely Active vs. Passive FTP. A short while
ago (two to three weeks) an almost identical question was posted and you
should be able to find it. It clearly states that MS FTP (the one that
comes with Windows) does NOT support passive mode. If you want a command
line client, use NcFTP, if you want graphical, use FileZilla. If you're
on V5R3, get 5733SC1 (free) and implement OpenSSH. You can then use
WinSCp, a PuTTY-based graphical sFTP client, or, again, FileZilla. Nice
and secure.

Best regards,

Ren?H. Hartman

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