Speech Research >> Installing additional langauges in DNS 7 Preferred?

by Steve » Thu, 27 May 2004 03:33:08 GMT


I was wondering if it is possible to install additional language modules, in
my case German, for Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 Preferred. The online help
simply states:

"Some editions of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 7 allow you to create
and train users in multiple languages. If you have purchased an edition with
support for more than one language, you can add additional languages by
choosing "Custom Install" during Setup. If you didn't select additional
languages during Setup, you can also select an additional language when you
create a new user. In this instance, you will need the Dragon
NaturallySpeaking CD to install the language files before you can create the

I tried creating a New User but the drop down for lanuages only listed four
dialects of English.

Thanks for any help, Steve.

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Jerry C.