Speech Research >> G711 VAD issue

by ranjeet.gupta » Fri, 01 Apr 2005 18:29:24 GMT

Dear Members !!

As I have written down the code for the G729 Annex B (VAD), Now this code
which I have written is totally with the help of ITU source code and the
ITU free Spec. i.e G729 Annex B,

For the authenticity of the code:
I pass the speech file (16bit 8khz) through it and note down the number
of frames which is detected as the Unvoiced Frame, Each frame is 10 milisec
data over here (As specified in the ITU spec),

Now with the help of Sonic Forge, I am able to create the reconstructed
Speech In which i replace all the frame (which are detected as Unvoiced
Frame) with the Costant Zero Energy level.

Now when I play this reconstructed audio file I see that there is almost
no loss of the speech and its running with gud result.

Nodoubt this we will achive after DTX and the CNG, But at present I can
say that for the testing purpose it is running fine.

through the search I came to know that G711 also Uses the VAD, And it is
mentioned in the ITU Sepc G711 Apendix II,

Now the concertn for me that due to the availabilty of the free spec and
free source code I was able to develop the G729 VAD, but not in case of
G711 VAD

But in G711 Vad, I find that this is payed (And I am poor enough to Bye it)

Can you all give any pointers(links, pdf) so that I can get the enough info
so that i can able to develop the VAD for G711,

ITU says that G729 VAD is some what used to achive the VAD for G711.

Please help me in for this, If you have the spec with you
G711 Appendix II then please be kind enough to mail it to my mail Id

Please Help, Your help may save my days and worth of work.