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by Milo Minderbinder » Thu, 13 Mar 2008 00:47:01 GMT

Is it possible to display images in simulink without first
purchasing the signal processing blockset?

I would be willing to do something like hand control to a
matlab script, using an image display function in matlab,
and then hand control back to simulink, but I have no idea
how to accomplish this, and only a very limited set of
matlab functions seem to be supported in simulink (to my
ignorant eyes.)


Milo Minderbinder

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% A random binary image:
I = zeros(240, 320);

I(10,40) = 1; I(200,90) = 1;
I(150, 100) = 1; I(60, 200) = 1;
I(50, 50) = 1;

% Getting the convex hull and
% plotting in figure window:

I = uint8(I);

stats = imfeature(I, 'ConvexHull');
xi = stats.ConvexHull(:,1);
yi = stats.ConvexHull(:,2);
fill(xi, yi, 'r');

% Fiddling with axes handle properties
% with the hopes that something works:

h = gca;
set(h, 'Units', 'Pixels');
set(h, 'xlim', [1 320]);
set(h, 'ylim', [1 240]);
set(h, 'DataAspectRatio', [1 1 1]);
set(h, 'XTick', [])
set(h, 'YTick', [])
set(h, 'Box', 'off');

% Converting figure to image:

img = getframe(h, [1 1 320 240]);
I1 = bw(end:-1:1, :);
%The prev statement flips the y-axis
%upside down, I1 now contains my convex
% hull image

figure; imshow(I);
figurel imshow(I1);


The result seems right, except for the scaling factor.

Can someone help me fix this, or better yet, suggest a better or more
direct way to go about it in the first place?

Thanks in advance,


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Carefully read

doc imread

and take a look at the second return value. You may also read

doc ind2rgb


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