MATLAB >> How to save every result of a variable in a loop?

by Nicolas Gutl » Thu, 31 Dec 2009 02:34:04 GMT

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Matlab, so my question should be easy for you guys!

I'm using the "Traveling Salesman Problem - Genetic Algorithm" from Joseph Kirk (url: and it works nicely.

Unfortunately, the program only gives me the final result in the workspace, which is "the shortest route for the salesman to travel to each city exactly once and return to the starting city".

What I would like is to have a list of all values that are successively taken by variables of the problem, I mean the value of each variable for each iteration, and for each population member (in the Genetic Algorithm).

So I wonder if there is a "log file" in Matlab that contains the values taken by the variables, or that shows calculations done by the Matlab software.

Do I need to use the Report Generator for doing this ?

I hope my request is clear.

Many thanks for your help,


MATLAB >> How to save every result of a variable in a loop?

by us » Thu, 31 Dec 2009 03:43:05 GMT

one of the solutions
- edit the source and add code, which saves/displays those temp results...
- then
- return them in a new output argument...
- or save them just before you leave the main function...


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