printers >> Konica Minolta Bizhub C350 Admin Mode

by matturn » Wed, 21 Nov 2007 07:05:02 GMT

I have a C350 that won't let me enter it's Admin mode. When attempting
access via the web interface, it acknowledges I'm entering the right
password (by returning "login failed" instead of "wrong password"),
but it won't log me in. When attempting access via the copier's LCD
panel, it just beeps at me when I press the button.

According to documentation, it's behaviour is consistent with what it
should be doing when it prints a job. But it's doing all this when
it's not doing anything. Power cycling (turning it on and off) doesn't

What might I try to fix it? Is it possible to flash it's firmware?

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My friend, who owns the machine, and who is "non technical," wonders if he
might need to "log into" the bizhub, at its key panel, in order to get print
jobs to come out.  Meanwhile, the machine works fine as a copier, without
any ip involvement.

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password, and entered the ip address shown above.  I enabled the "ping"
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