midi >> How to reset Kawai K1 ?

by Luke Siemaszko » Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:06:45 GMT

Can anyone tell me how to do a factory reset on a Kawai K1 - to restore
the factory presets?

If anyone has a copy of the manual, that would be great


midi >> How to reset Kawai K1 ?

by notejam » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 06:31:51 GMT

K00011P600 K1/K1M/K1R Owners Manual K1,K1M,K1R

Musical Instrument Technicians Association

Service and Owners Manuals

Order the above kawai owners manual for k1, k1R from

Kawai America Corp.
Chuck Roberts, Nat. Service Mgr.
2055 East University Drive
Compton, CA 90224
Phone: 800-421-2177
Fax: 310-223-2272
Website: www.Kawaius.com

Regarding reset. Think the user bank, the only one that can be changed, is
only changed by reloading a new bank, or editing different instruments.

If you go to google.com and do a search for kawai k1 patch editor, you will
find many, and some come with almost a 1000 instruments in them.

Also, while the programs themselves only run on the specific computer, the data
files for instruments is standard.

This means you can download a patch editor for k1 with few instruments
included, and then go to an atari or other web site and download an archive of
one that includes the large instrument library.

zip, lharc, pkazip and other utilitys for decompresson of the files will
usually work on an archive of some other computer.

This means you usually can download a zip or lharc archive from an atari site
directly to your ibm dirve, and unpack it with an ibm version of the decompress
tool, and the instrument files included in the archive will usually survive the
processs. But do not try and run the program, just delete it and use only
correct computer version.

I keep mentioning atari, because one of the extremely large collections of k1
instruments was an atari archive.