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by matt » Thu, 30 Nov 2006 11:18:12 GMT

When did they change forming tools? Overall nice job, much simpler, but
they seem to have blown it big time with the orientation sketch unless
there is something I'm missing.

The orientation sketch cannot be edited. That in itself is not
necessarily a problem, but if the footprint of the feature is
symmetrical but the rest of the feature is not, then the "orientation"
sketch becomes a "disorientation" sketch. Manually created sketches are
ignored, it adds the giant "L", but this is not in the orientation sketch.

Fortunately you can edit it after you guess wrong.

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I don't really re-orient the default reference planes, I just re-orient 
the default views.  To do this, I use the command 
"view-modify-orientation-update standard views".  If I want, I can 
create new "front", "top" and "side" planes to match my new standard 
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As for dissolving text, right click on the text and select "dissolve 
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Matt Hill wrote:

>You posted a message to the solidworks group on Friday indicating you'd learned how to do two things I've yet to figure out.  Would you mind giving the details of how to dissolve text in a sketch and how to reorient reference planes.
>If you could reply to me or the group or both, it would be very much appreciated.  I come wanted to use both of these features recently, but have not found a way to do so.
>Matt Hill

J Kimmel

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