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by mxkdirs » Mon, 20 Feb 2006 03:33:58 GMT

Hello all,

I've documentation for SpectreRF PA measurements. It talks about
plotting the stability factors, Kf and B1f using swept PSS and PSP.
But then it also says that the PSP generates small signal s-parameters
and VSWR results and that currently SpectreRF doesn't support large
signal SP analysis (I'm using as far as I know the latest Cadence
version, 5.0.33). So my question is if the simulation doesn't generate
large signal s-parameters then is the Kf and B1f results aplicable to
PA large signal conditions? In ADS there's a design guide that's setup
to do large signal stability checks and it's truly for large signal but
I'm not sure about Kf and B1f values for PA in Spectre. Another thing
that leads me to doubt it is that on the SpectreRF document for PA it
mentions the stability conditions from Gonzalez book, which is
definitely only applies to small signal amplifier design.

Thanks a bunch!


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