sas >> Axis for SAS Graph

by Richard A. DeVenezia » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:39:29 GMT

David Yeates wrote:
> Hi All,
> The final step in one of my macros is to merge several datasets and
> use proc GPLOT to create a multi-variable chart.
> It works fine but I would like to constrain the y-axis values to start
> at 0 (zero) even if that value does not exist in any of the datasets.
> Before I start changing my macro code so that I can use the order
> statement as in order(0 to &maxval by &interval), for example does
> anyone have a crafty way to make this happen.
> Regards
> David

Consider the HZERO PLOT option.

data xy;
do x = 100 to 200;
y = sin (x/200*constant('pi'));

symbol1 i=join v=point;

* compare and contrast;
proc gplot data=xy;
plot y*x;
plot y*x / hzero;

Richard A. DeVenezia

sas >> Axis for SAS Graph

by RBurbidge » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:47:26 GMT

> It works fine but I would like to constrain the y-axis values to start

vzero in this case

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Consider the HZERO PLOT option.

data xy;
do x = 100 to 200;
y = sin (x/200*constant('pi'));

symbol1 i=join v=point;

* compare and contrast;
proc gplot data=xy;
plot y*x;
plot y*x / hzero;

Richard A. DeVenezia

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