sas >> Job Scheduling on a Queue from SAS Management Console

by Jitin Batra » Fri, 18 Jan 2008 02:24:29 GMT

We decided that we will create a our own queue and run the jobs with
no dependancy. That queue will have the feature of running only 8 or
10 job at a time and as and when a job completes, the LSF scheduler
will run another job out of the other waiting jobs on that queue. Here
is what I did:

su to "lsfadmin" id before executing any commands or editing any
files. And take backup of all the edited files before changing

Created queue testing by editing the file "lsb.queues" present in /usr/
Added this code to add a new queue in the above mentioned file

Begin Queue

QUEUE_NAME = testing
NICE = 20
#RUN_WINDOW = 5:19:00-1:8:30 20:00-8:30
#r1m = 0.7/2.0 # loadSched/loadStop
#r15m = 1.0/2.5
#pg = 4.0/8
#ut = 0.2
#io = 50/240
#CPULIMIT = 180/hostA # 3 hours of host hostA
#FILELIMIT = 20000
MEMLIMIT = 5000 # jobs bigger than this (5M) will be
#DATALIMIT = 20000 # jobs data segment limit
#CORELIMIT = 20000
#PROCLIMIT = 5 # job processor limit
USERS = all # users who can submit jobs to this
#HOSTS = all # hosts on which jobs in this queue can
#PRE_EXEC = /usr/local/lsf/misc/testq_pre >> /tmp/pre.out
#POST_EXEC = /usr/local/lsf/misc/testq_post |grep -v "Hey"
DESCRIPTION = For normal low priority jobs, running only if hosts are
lightly loaded.
End Queue

To execute the below mentioned commands it is necessary to execute the
"profile.lsf" file present in /usr/share/lsf/lsjs/conf
To execute the "profile.lsf" file type . ./profile.lsf (dot space dot
slash profile.lsf). Login id must be "lsfadmin"

Then I checked the new configuration by executing the command "badmin
There were no erros, so I executed the command "badmin reconfig" to
load the new configuration.

Then I opened SAS Management Console and right clicked on a job in our
flow and selected Properties ->Scheduling Details -> Advanced and then
chose our new custom made queue.

But strangely, when I open the same window again for the same job, the
queue on which the job is to be run returns back to "normal".

If anyone has faced this issue, then please respond.

Thanks ,

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