sas >> Problem reading Excel data containing spaces w/ dde

by Howard_Schreier » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 04:17:31 GMT

That should work in this case, assuming that there are no multiple spaces
within the character strings.

However, there would be a problem if there were more columns to read after
DESC. They would get eaten up.

I suggest coding the NOTAB option on the FILENAME statement and the
DLM='09'x and DSD options on the INFILE.

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 08:58:23 -0400, Nat Wooding < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

>Try adding an & after the variable desc .
>Nat Wooding
>data a;
>length desc $255.;
>input Code Recode Desc &;
>1 2 Value1
>2 2 Value1
>3 6 Value Other
>4 6 Value Other
>5 4 Value2
>proc print;run;
> Mark Biek
> <markb@STEVENSONC To: SAS-
> Sent by: "SAS(r) Subject: Problem reading
Excel data containing spaces w/ dde
> Discussion"
> 07/27/04 08:47 AM
> Please respond to
> Mark Biek
>I have some data in Excel that looks like this:
>Code Recode Desc
>1 2 Value1
>2 2 Value1
>3 6 Value Other
>4 6 Value Other
>5 4 Value2
>Which I'm trying to read in using the following code:
>filename q2 dde "excel|q2!r2c2:r42c4";
>data rc_q2;
> length desc $255.;
> infile q2;
> input code recode desc;
>It works except the Desc field is truncated whenever there is a space
>so Code 3 ends up being:
>3 6 Value
>instead of
>3 6 Value Other
>What do I need to do to get the whole field?
>Mark Biek
>The Stevenson Company
>8700 Westport Rd. Ste. 200
>Louisville, KY 40242-3100
>(502) 429-9060 ext 251

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