exchange >> error VFP 8 0: Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found

by oscar taboada » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 08:06:58 GMT


I had to uninstall VFP8 in order to reinstall VFP6 and then VFP8 again...
however when I finished the Task pane Manager is showing this error message:
0: Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found

this was not happening the first time I installed VFP8

I already have tried to uninstall both VFP6 and VFP8, and installeng thean
both agaon, but it did not fixed the problem, I also tried unsuccesfully
"Repairing " VFP8

I would appreciate any suggestion

Oscar Taboada

exchange >> error VFP 8 0: Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found

by Y. Sivaram » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:47:37 GMT

Try installing the MSXML Parser 4. This can be downloaded from

You need the MSXML.msi

Best Regards,
Y. Sivaram



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