mfc >> picture box

by susi » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 13:54:55 GMT

im able to load bitmap from bmp file into the dialog.i
have a picture box in my mfc application.what i want to do
is display the file in the picture box shall i
do it.i dont know where to pass the handle as picture box code is ,
CString szFilename ("D:\\abc2.bmp");
HBITMAP hBmp = (HBITMAP)::LoadImage(
CBitmap bmp;
CClientDC dc(this);
CBitmap *pOldbmp = bmDC.SelectObject(&bmp);
where should i change the handle or what should i do?
thanks for spending ur time

mfc >> picture box

by Ajay Kalra » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:09:12 GMT

I am not sure what is wrong with your code. Your bmp object seems to be
getting destroyed as soon you exit the scope. I would take a different
approach. This sample code/article would do what you want:

You can also use GDI+ to do this, which would be way simpler.

mfc >> picture box

by susi » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:37:45 GMT

i actually want to display the image in picture box and
does not wants its scope to be destroyed.i want to do this
only in vc++6 and does not want to do with any third party can i do it?
thanks a lot to Ajay kalra for a very great support given
to this group.
thanks in advance

mfc >> picture box

by Ajay Kalra » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:02:27 GMT

The MSDN link I mentioned would work for you. It shows how to put picture in
a static control(A picture box is a static control). In the example shown,
IDC_IMAGE is a static control on a dialog.

As far as GDI+ is concerned, it is not a 3rd party library. Microsoft ships
it and it works with VC6 as well.

mfc >> picture box

by Ed » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:07:09 GMT

I am using VC++6.0 and I draw a picture box with the dimensions of 450 X 320
When I check the dimensions using cr.Width() and cr.Height() I get a
dimension of 675 X 520
Why is this?
Below is my code.

char ed[10];
CBrush wht(RGB(255,255,255));
CRect cr;

CWnd* pWnd=GetDlgItem(IDC_PIC1);
pControlDC->SelectObject(wht); // select White for
background color
pControlDC->Rectangle(0,0,cr.Width(), cr.Height()); // fill background
_itoa(cr.Width(), ed, 10);
_itoa(cr.Height(), ed, 10);

This does fill the picture box in white for my background color which is
what I need.
But the size isnt what I set it to.

mfc >> picture box

by Scott McPhillips [MVP] » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:34:27 GMT

Where did you set the size to 450 x 320? I'll guess that is the size
you set in the dialog editor. If so, you don't understand that the
dialog editor and Windows work in "dialog units,", not pixels. But
GetClientRect returns units of pixels. Dialogs are automatically
resized by Windows on different machines, depending on screen resolution
and the user-selected default font size. Check out what happens if you
change your system font (DPI) in Control Panel, Display, Advanced.

Usually you should do what your're doing, which is to measure sizes in
the code.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

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bReturn = WebCamCapture.capGetDriverDescriptionA(x, strName, 100,
strVer, 100);
 WebCamCapture.CAPSTATUS s = new WebCamCapture.CAPSTATUS();
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Marshal.SizeOf(s), s);
Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("Video Size {0} x {1}", s.uiImageWidth,

private void OpenPreviewWindow()
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hHwnd = WebCamCapture.capCreateCaptureWindowA(iDevice.ToString(),
WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD, 0, 0, 1280, 1024, this.
pictureBox.Handle.ToInt32(), 0);

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if (WebCamCapture.SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, iDevice,
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// Resize window to fit in picturebox
WebCamCapture.SetWindowPos(hHwnd, HWND_BOTTOM, 0, 0, this.
pictureBox.Width, this. pictureBox.Height, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOZORDER);
// Error connecting to device close window
hHwnd = 0;

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