mfc >> Moving a Button in a Dialog

by UmFodmlu » Mon, 26 Apr 2004 22:41:01 GMT

I want to move a button in a dialog window but cannot, below are the steps that I am taking when the user makes the BN_CLICKED command

CButton *pBtnOK = (CButton *)GetDlgItem(IDC_BTN)
pBtnOK->GetWindowRect( &Rect )
Rect.left += 1
Rect.right += 1
pBtnOK->MoveWindow( &Rect, TRUE)

Thanks in advance.

mfc >> Moving a Button in a Dialog

by Scott McPhillips [MVP] » Tue, 27 Apr 2004 02:18:11 GMT

GetWindowRect get screen coordinates (position on the screen).
MoveWindow requires client coordinates (position within the parent
window). Use the ScreenToClient function to convert.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

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That worked.
Thank you very much,

"AliR (VC++ MVP)" wrote:

> Call SetDefID(IDYES); after you create the button.
> AliR.
> "TOB" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> >I have the option in the Control Panel for Mouse/ Pointer Options/ Snap To 
> >set
> > So that the mouse pointer automatically moves to the default button in a
> > dialog box.
> >
> > If  have a dialog box with no button in it and I add the line:
> >
> > The mouse will not be moved the Yes Button
> >
> > But if I have the line
> > I will move to the button
> > Why and how do I get the mouse to move to the "Yes" button.
> > Thank you,
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