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by Sumit T. Marwal » Wed, 19 May 2004 17:47:50 GMT

I am developing an USB HID application i want to disable the show
uplug/eject icon in the system tray. Is there any way i can do it using
code. some registry setting or some other setting.

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Dear All,

It seems that there is no  lowercase, uppercase in USB HID keyboard
report, am I right?

so, when I press 'b', it is the same descriptor when I press 'B' ?

Thank you very much!


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i need to connect a custom HID device to our Windows CE 6.0-ARM-based 
Hardware platform which has got an USB host controller.

I am quiet new to Windows CE and driver development, so i need much 
assitance from you.

I read a lot newsgroup-threads and didn't find one which answers my questions.
I learned, that I have to develop my own HID driver to access our HID device 
and have to look at the sample-drivers in the platformbuilder-folder:

My attemp started with the following steps:
- In VS2005 VC++ I created a new dll project for intelligent devices
- I copied the sample files "conshid.cpp", "conshid.h" and "conshid.def" to 
the project-folder and renamed the files to "MyHidDrv.cpp" and so on.
- I compiled and linked everything
- Now I have got a "MyHidDrv.dll" which I copied to the WINDOWS-Folder on 
the embedded device.

Now I reached a point where I need your help!

So my questions are:
1. Why does Microsoft release an USB HID driver without any 
Stream-Interface-Support like ReadFile() and WriteFile()?
2. Is it possible to write a custom HID driver without the Platform Builder, 
e.g. only with Visual Studio 2005 VC++?
3. If VS2005 is ok, how can I debug the driver?
4. Is my custom HID driver an addon to the USBHID.dll or does it replace the 
5. Which registry settings are necessary to load the "MyHidDrv.dll"? (Should 
only be loaded, if the HID device with our VendorID (e.g. 4711) has been 
6. How can I implement a Streaming-Interface with ReadFile() and WriteFile() 
to receive and send reports?

I stop here to ask, before you become bored.

I appreciate if there is any help which solves my problems.


(Sorry for my englisch, i am from germany.)

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