mfc >> How can i get a bitmap of the clear word screen?

by lgx » Mon, 26 Apr 2004 15:20:37 GMT

How can i get a bitmap of the clear word screen?
I am developing a mfc ocx working in MsOffice2000(word2000).The Ocx can move
freely in
that word.The Ocx show semitransparent pixels with the word and the another

must get a bitmap of the clear word screen, that mean get a bitmap without
the control.
When I wrote some code to do with moveing ocx control in MSWord2000.
Since the Ocx control need getting word screen to process a new bitmap at
new position.
To get a clear bitmap with word screen(no with the control itself), I try
Some ways ,

but,fail all.
Note: Those code are wrote in the implements of OnLButtonUp in Ocx source.
Way 1: <1>Used Shape object,move to a invisibe place,such so
<2>Get Screen Bitmap
<3>Move the ocx to properly position.
<4> redraw control whith InvalidateControl
Way2: <1>IOleObject::DoVerbusing OLEIVERB_HIDE as pararm
<2>Get Screen Bitmap
<3>IOleObject::DoVerbusing OLEIVERB_SHOW as pararm
<4> redraw control whith InvalidateControl
Way3: <1>set ocx window style with ~WS_VISIBLE
<2>Get Screen Bitmap
<3> set ocx window style with WS_VISIBLE
<4> redraw control whith InvalidateControl
Can any body help me solving the problem of getting a bitmap of the clear
word screen.

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