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2. Global module limit of size of text?

I have a process that combines many vb functions into a single String
This is then added to the VBScript control via the AddCode method.
Implicitily this becomes part of the global module.

When the script runs i start to get errors - because some of the
functions are missing.
This happens when the text reaches a certain limit.

So is there a limit on the text that you can add to the global module?
How can i resolve this problem?


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4. Does xmlhttprequest response text have a size limit

Hello, I using xmlhttprequest and the responsetext seem to be dropping data( 
size limit).  I can seem to find information that clearly states if there 
a size limit or not
Can someone clear this upIf there not a size limit then any suggestions 
why I might be loosing data.  I writing this in vbscript by the way.

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6. Limiting Input Range using VBA

I am trying to set the InputRange of a combobox on a sheet (not using a 
form) via vba. I thought the following code would work, but I get a space 
between the last column reference and the rownumber.

Dim i As Integer
Dim s As String
i = 13 + Sheet8.Range("H11").Value  'The number of rows not empty
s = "I13:I" & Str(i)
Worksheets("Estimate").Shapes("cboMultSize").ControlFormat.ListFillRange = s

For example, if i = 2, then s turns out to be "I13:I 15", I need this to be 
"I13:I15".  Can anyone help me here?


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8. Limit Textbox inputs to Format

Here's an interesting one...  I haven't had any luck coming up with a slick

I have a set of textboxes on a form.  Each of the textboxes has an
associated format string for numeric input.

The associated formats can be different from run to run so I can't hard code
a format to a particular textbox...  I just read the format string from an
XML input file.

Here's my question:
I would like to limit the user to numeric inputs only.... (no characters)
and also limit them to numbers in the format specified for each textbox.

So for example... if a user inputs 2a, the system would beep and the textbox
background would maybe flash red for a brief second indicating that the
input is invalid.   Also, the character "a" would not be displayed since it
is an invalid character.  (This eliminates the option of using the LostFocus
event since I would like an immediate response to the user.)

For valid numeric inputs... the user could input 1.23 and no more for a
textbox with a format of "0.00".  Trying to type "1.234" would again yield a
beep and a red flash and the "4" would not be displayed since it exceeds the
format limit.

Any suggestions???

Thanks a bunch as always.