vbscript >> vbscript example needed, how to extract and insert content into word documents

by joes » Thu, 18 Nov 2004 07:15:23 GMT

Hello there

I like to update dynamically some word doucments. Therefore I like to
extract some specific content from a word document and to paste it
into others at a given place. I think this should be possible in
VBScript? I am using Word XP
In order to get a good starting point, I need some some answers to my
questions below. You can post me also some links to good tutorials,
articles or even books.

- Where do I find resources about the word document model? I did a
quick debbuging inside the visual basic edotor of word, but the
ActiveDocument.Content object has a lot of properties. The help does
not provide therefore enough suport.

- How to step through the content of the word document with VBScript?

- How should I mark inside my document special sections (start, end)
so that I am able to find it with my VBScript?

- How can I copy a section from a document and paste it into another
with VBScript? What will happen to styles, will those also be copied?

Thank you

Best regards

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