Java >> adjusting boundries of JPanels in JPanel in JFrame

by Novice » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 05:37:30 GMT

Hi, I tried searching through the google groups, but am obviously using the
wrong search words.

I have a JFrame with a JPanel in it. The JPanel is using the following
new BoxLayout (parentPanel, BoxLayout.LINE_AXIS)

Then I added two JPanels to the parentPanel.

But then I would like to click and drag the separator between the two panels
to change the size of the two JPanels.

Any hints?


Java >> adjusting boundries of JPanels in JPanel in JFrame

by Alex Hunsley » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 21:51:46 GMT

Look at JSplitPane, it will do what you're looking for.


Java >> adjusting boundries of JPanels in JPanel in JFrame

by Novice » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 22:23:41 GMT


| Look at JSplitPane, it will do what you're looking for.
| alex

That is what I'm looking for - thanks.


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Hi List,

I am hoping to get some advice on how to do this most efficiently.

I have a swing program wich has one JFrame "mainframe".  I also have
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The Problem I have is that this is somewhat not reliable.  Sometimes
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I have a JFrame, with 2 JPanels (the first contains other buttons for
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I first set up the m_Display panel with all the buttons and other text
fields, etc.  Then I set up the scroll pane m_Scroll, with another
panel m_Panel, then add the scroll pane to the first panel.  Then I set
the panel that contains everything to be the content pane of the frame.

Everytime I want to refresh, I send a message to the form, remove all
the items currently in the list, and then add all the new incoming
ones.  The frame properly refreshes when I add items (if there are 3
items, and I send a message with 4 or 5, the new list automatically
pops up).  But if I have 3 items in the list, and I update it with 2,
the frame will not redraw until I resize or move it off the screen,
etc.  I have tried an endless combination of validate, invalidate,
pack, etc. on all the components.  I don't know if something is wrong
with my setup of components, or something is out of order.  If anyone
could help me out I'd really appreciate it.  An excerpt of my code is
included.  Thanks a lot.

	public void Display()
		catch(Exception e)

		//set up and position the JDialog frame
		setPreferredSize(new Dimension(310, 500));
		Dimension d = getToolkit().getScreenSize();
		Point p = new Point((d.width-450)/2, (d.height-100)/2);

		m_Display = new JPanel();
		JLabel text = new JLabel("Please enter the IP Address of the server
in the box below:");
		m_Input = new JTextField();
		m_Panel = new JPanel();
		m_Popup = new JPopupMenu();

		//set up the buttons: ok, cancel, start, refresh
		ok = new JButton("Connect");
		cancel = new JButton("Cancel");
		start = new JButton("Start");
		refresh = new JButton("Refresh");

		//set up the text field for input
		m_Input.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(270, 20));

		m_CheckBox = new JCheckBox("Display Window List", true);



		m_Scroll = new JScrollPane(m_Panel);
		m_Scroll.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(280,350));


		//add action listener to buttons and text field
		ActionListener buttonaction = new buttonAction();
		m_CheckBox.addItemListener(new CheckboxListener());
        m_Input.addActionListener(new WRAKeyboardListener());

		//display the dialog


//refresh function

public void Refresh(WindowListDataMessage msg)
		m_numWindows = msg.getNumWindows();
		m_TitleList = msg.getWindowTitles();
		m_GuidList = msg.getGuids();
		m_CheckedFlags = msg.getFlags();
		//first clear the existing list
		for(int i = 0; i < m_numCheckboxes; i++)
		m_numCheckboxes = 0;
		//14 is the number of items we can correctly display without a
vertical scrollbar
		if(m_numWindows < 14)
			m_Panel.setLayout(new GridLayout(14, 0));
		//if there are more than 14 windows, set up a vertical scrollbar
			m_Panel.setLayout(new GridLayout(m_numWindows, 0));

		//populate the check box list
		m_checkBoxes = new JCheckBox[m_numWindows];
		for(int i = 0; i < msg.getNumWindows(); i++)
			m_checkBoxes[i] = new JCheckBox(m_TitleList[i]);
			m_checkBoxes[i].addItemListener(new CheckboxListener());
			if(m_CheckedFlags[i] == 1)

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This is my code:

        Grafi smart1 = new Grafi(nn, testing, n_archi, max*160+60);
        int width1 = 0;
        int height1 = 0;
        if (ncompat==1) {
        } else {
        smart1.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(width1, height1));
        JScrollPane scrollpane1 = new JScrollPane(smart1);
        JFrame f1 = new JFrame("MyFindeR - Direct Strand");
        f1.setSize(800, 600);

Grafi is a class which extends JPanel, and smart1 is an instance of Grafi on
which there are drawed some ractangles and lines. My smart1 is very huge
and everytime I use repaint(), it takes 7-8 seconds to repaint it all. So,
I would like to use the repaint(x,y,width,height) feature, and repaint only
the visible part of smart1. In that case width and height would be 800 and
600 (frame size), but, how can I find x & y? I need x and y of smart1, that
corresponds to the point (0,0) of the frame. Is there a way to find them?

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Hi Thomas,
What's the problem ?
I don't understand what you mean.
I have a JFrame and inside two JPanel one of them is on NORTH and the second
one is on the SOUTH.
And When I get the Container which is the JPanel (please see code below), I
would like to know if this one is in the north on the JFrame
or in the SOUTH or in the EAST, WEST or CENTER.
I would to know how to get the value of the position of this JPanel inside
the JFrame.
That 's all.
If you can helpme about this it will be very great.
Thanks a lot
Best regards

if (c instanceof JPanel){

String panel = "panel"+compPanel;

parentPanel = panel;

String allocPanel = ((Container)c).getClass().getName()+" "+panel+"= new

String namePanel = panel+".setName(\""+((Container)c).getName()+"\");";

//**********    my proble is to do a array with the name of
BorderLayout.NORTH, etc...)   *****//

String addPanel = allocPanel+"



bodyProgram.append(addPanel+" "+namePanel);

sons = true;

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