Help! Known bug with Netscape running a Java applet several times?

by Peter Jon » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 04:08:32 GMT

Netscape locks up when you run a Java applet in a window and close it
more than a few times.  Could someone try and duplicate my results?
Pick a Java applet, I chose the Clock and Nervous Text examples that
come with the JDS 1.3.
1. Bring up 4 Netscape windows
2. Load the page with the applet into one window and close it
3. Repeat #2 three times and Netscape will lockup
You don't need to open all windows initially, you could just
open-close, open-close, etc.  All that's happening here is Netscape is
loading and discarding a Java applet three times.  It does matter if
the pages are on your machine, or on the Internet. I'm using an older
browser, Netscape 4.6, because doubtless someone else is visiting my
site won't have updated their browser.
Why does it matter?  If you set up any site that has a main window,
and brings up child windows with applets, your visitors may crash
their browser.
Is there a web page with a list of Netscape bugs that I can check out?
Can anybody else get this to happen in Netscape 4.6?  What about other
versions of Netscape?
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