CSharp/C# >> looking for code sample for non-blocking TCP sockets

by eWFyb24 » Mon, 26 Sep 2005 17:57:01 GMT


I need a code sample for doing this:

- support for multiple agents that know each other and can talk each other
over a non-blocking TCP socket.
each agent can send and recieve data to/from each other.
- handling agent down events (i don't know how to do it in an elegant way
when using the socket select method).

I prefer to use the Socket.Select method.
All the socket operations must be in a non-blocking mode.


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        Dim numberOfBytesRead As Integer = 0
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            numberOfBytesRead = NStream.Read(bytes, 0, CInt 
            If numberOfBytesRead = 0 Then
                Exit Do
            End If
           sb.Append(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(bytes, 0, numberOfBytesRead))
            totallength = sb.Length
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