AS/400 >> 36E to Client Access

by Stuart Meier » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 08:32:54 GMT

I need to access some 36 data files and copy them to a PC. When I was
using S/36 I could use Client access to reach these files if I had them
defined/Linked in a Data Dictionary. Does anyone know how to do this
with 36E files ?

AS/400 >> 36E to Client Access

by arrowcomputer » Mon, 01 Mar 2004 20:37:21 GMT

Depends what you want to do with them on the PC. You can use client
access RTOPC or FTP to copy them, as you would any other AS/400 file.
The problem is: They come across a one large field, eg no field
definitions. I haven't tried using IDDU-defined files this way.

One possbile option is to create a new AS/400 file with the fields
defined. Then just CPYF the 36E file to the new file with
FMTOPT(*NOCHK). If you have defined the fields in the new file in the
correct sequence, type, and length, you now have a database file you
can do anything with.

AS/400 >> 36E to Client Access

by Stuart Meier » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 09:33:28 GMT

I've used the cpyf method when we had S/36 "subsystems" on the AS400. I surprised that IDDU
won't work with the fields described. We need to move the data into different apps.

AS/400 >> 36E to Client Access

by Peter Kinsman » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 02:20:49 GMT

If you use stridd you can create field, format and file definitions and then
use lnkdtadfn to link a file data definition to the actual file, but I think
file transfer will still treat it as a single field. As long as there are
no packed fields, you could use query to split the file into fields and file
transfer will pick up the individual fields or you could use cpytoimpf to
copy it to a csv file in the IFS. Presumably the files are in QS36F at
present. In the past, I have copied files from the AS/400 to a PC with no
conversion and then run a VB program which uses the field descriptions from
RPGII F & I specs to create a corresponding Access table. I can let you
have details if you are interested.

Peter Kinsman

surprised that IDDU
different apps.


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