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by Art Verlaan » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 03:55:01 GMT


Do you know how to use ''put'' in macros in the actual version of


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I have a scheduled job in windows which starts up two client access
sessions at different times, then runs a macro into an application to
run a few menu options (ie invoicing).

The problem I have is that although I can sign off the sessions, I'm
not sure how I can get them to close down afterwards.  Does anyone
know how I can get around this?

Thanks in advance

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Hello All,

This is my first Post to this group,  Looking for some Help from the
Experts on Macro's.

I have looked up and down trying for find some documents that cover
Macro's A-to-Z,  but have yet to find anyhting in detail.  just little
bit's here and there.

Also what should one use the iSeries Macro script or VBScript,  or is
it more of a user perference?

Basicly looking for a script to do the following.

   Enter in Dept Code, <F10>
   Tab over place X  <Enter>
   If "No Records Found" in a location at the bottom of the screen
         Print Screen
         If "+"  located in the Lower right hand corner ( more Pages)
             Page Down
             Exit Loop
     Repeat Loop

How does one query the screen for Information?  at a Location?

Thanks for any help.

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C:\IBM\Client Acess\Emulator\Private.
I wish to create a personnal file for each my users where they can
registrer and use their own macros and keyboard specifications without
seeing other users macros/keybords.
I could do it for their own Screen Emulators specifications because I
crate a short cut by user but unfortunately it couldn't  work the same
for macros and keyboard specifications.

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