AS/400 >> RPGLE %editc problem

by Dika » Thu, 04 May 2006 15:39:46 GMT


I have problem with %editc function, he takes dot for decimal point instead
of comma like my job description is.

This line returns 12.3456 , but what I need is 12,3456


AS/400 >> RPGLE %editc problem

by Dika » Thu, 04 May 2006 16:07:54 GMT

DECEDIT in H specs solved the problem "Decedit(*Jobrun)"

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Since some weeks ago I noticed that, while debugging a RPGLE program
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Thanks in advance


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Hi Guys

I'm getting a strange inconsistency in the results of using %EDITC to
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little bit of code:

     dnum              s             10  2 inz(12.56)
     dtxtval           s             13
     C                   eval      txtval=%editc(num:'J')
     C                   eval      *inlr=*on

This does exactly what I want it to, i.e. it puts '12.56', nicely
formatted, into string variable txtval. BUT, if I now change this a
little, to make num and txtval passed variables, thusly:

     c     *entry        plist
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     c                   parm                    txtval           13
     C                   eval      txtval=%editc(dnum:'J')
     C                   eval      *inlr=*on

...and call this from another prog, passing in 12.56 as a passed
variable, the eval puts 12.5 into txtval, i.e. it knocks the second
decimal place off the number.

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would be VERY much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


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PSTARTELEMENT     B                         
DSTARTELEMENT     PI                        
D  URI?                          *   VALUE 
D  LNAME?                        *   VALUE 
D  QNAME?                        *   VALUE 
D  ATTR?                         *   VALUE 

From the doc, it appears that QNAME?is a pointer to the name of the
element, basing a string type field on this pointer doesn't give any
coherent value.

In the example code, it seems that QNAME is used thru an XMLFormatter
method, is this the only way ?

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Thanks in advance

Eric Masson

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