MATLAB >> Simulink Joystick Block

by blusterNrg » Fri, 09 Sep 2005 20:02:27 GMT

Could someone help me? I'm trying to retrieve the axes and the
button' state from a Joystick Input Simulink block.
What are the inputs sent by the block?
Does some tutorial exist?


MATLAB >> Simulink Joystick Block

by Jan Houska » Fri, 09 Sep 2005 21:39:25 GMT

Hi Francesco,

If you mean the Joystick Input block found in the Virtual Reality
Toolbox library, then its outputs are like this:

The first output port (labeled Axes) returns the axes of the joystick in
a vector - these are at least two, usually three or more. Value of each
axis is returned in one element of the vector. The values are normalized
into the range from -1 to 1 (but that also depends on how is the
joystick calibrated in the operating system). The X and Y axis are the
first two elements of the vector.

The second output port (labeled Buttons) returns the joystick buttons. 0
means not pressed, 1 means pressed. This is also a vector, with as many
elements as the joystick has buttons.

The third output port (labeled Point of View) returns the value of the
"Point of View" cap. Not all the joysticks have this feature and
therefore this output port may not be present at all.

Good Luck, Jan

Jan Houska HUMUSOFT s.r.o.
XXXX@XXXXX.COM Pobrezni 20 186 00 Praha 8
tel: ++ 420 2 84011730 Czech Republic
fax: ++ 420 2 84011740

MATLAB >> Simulink Joystick Block

by blusternrg » Fri, 09 Sep 2005 23:02:20 GMT

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
It was what i needed to know!

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