MATLAB >> problem in running simulating modelsim with simulink

by srinivas » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 00:47:57 GMT

I am trying to simulate vhdl code in simulink with the help of
Modelsim, that is made possible by using cosimulation block. I having
two problems.

- I have invoked modelsim from matlab using command
vsim('socketsimulink', 4449)

And then i used 'vsimulink' command to simulate that vhdl code. Iam
sending a sampled signal the cosimulation block. When i started to
run the simulation from simulaink, i am finding the following error.
Here iam using internal clock that is fixed at 10 ns period that we
cannot change. the error iam getting is

"Explicit Simulink clocks require a minimum model step time of at
least 2".

The another problem (this is different from above) iam finding is
iam unable to run the simulation continuously means it is just
simulating the first sample and not simulating for the rest of
samples when iam trying to give external clock to cosimulation block.

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		2. if i run the matlab model it shows the error like

			Error in 'ml_ms/VHDL Cosimulation': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.  MATLAB error message: Error using ==> set_param
			Error reported by S-function 'smtifli' in 'ml_ms/VHDL Cosimulation':
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			Launch Modelsim using the MATLAB command: 'vsim'.
			Make sure the connection settings in the block are valid.
			Load the desired VHDL model using the vsimulink command in ModelSim.

	B. I tried in shared memory mode too.. 

		1. i got the same loading error in modelsim, 

		2. but in matlab model i got error like 

			Error in 'ml_ms/VHDL Cosimulation': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.  MATLAB error message: Error using ==> set_param
			Error reported by S-function 'smtifli' in 'ml_ms/VHDL Cosimulation':
			Failed to connect to server.  Make sure the loaded ModelSim model is using shared memory.

			but i don know how to configure the modelsim to work using shared memory..

	but for the message.. i used modelsim as a cracked version jus pasting licence.dat, mgs, dll file in modelsim\win32 folder.. i don know whether this link
	work with cracked version...

	how to solve this problem....?

Thanks in advance

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