MATLAB >> help using bernoulli random binary generator

by usman rasheed » Sat, 04 Aug 2007 21:47:19 GMT

im using a bernoulli random binary generaotr in my wimax
simulation in simulink.
can any one tell me how to change the data rate from the block

i want to transmit in the MB range.

+ is there a formula to calculte the data rate when using
random generaoter
samples per frame * sample rate

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I'm doing a research, which requires to seed the pseudo random number generator with a 128 bit binary string (eg. 11001101) and obtain a vector of 1000 random numbers.

From what I have gathered, we can set the seed either as a scalar or as a N length vector. I'm successful in setting the seed as a scalar, but the challenge that I'm facing is that it only accepts scalars of 10 bits, but my binary string is 128 bits long. 

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Test 1:
randn('state', k);

Test 2:
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Both Test 1 and Test 2 return the same result:

 Columns 1 through 9

    0.7953    0.0222    0.9484    0.6454   -0.6079    1.6226   -0.6279    0.3315    0.0232

  Column 10


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Thanks in advance....

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