dicom >> OsiriX 3.7 now available

by antoine rosset » Thu, 11 Mar 2010 18:44:43 GMT


What's new in version 3.7 ?

- Full DICOM TLS (Transport Layer Security) support for network
- OsiriX Lite version (for CD/DVD burning) 14 MB instead of 150 MB
- Network functions are now grouped in the Network menu
- Encrypt DICOM CD/DVD with a password in zip format
- WADO Server support (included in the Web HTTP Server, url: wado)
- New built-in web server, with HTTPS encryption and ZIP export
- Customize the built-in Web server
- Better views position in MPR and Ortho-MPR for Portrait Mode screens
- Support Presentation States (PR) SOPClassUID in database
- Q&R: Separate DICOM Auto Query Retrieve window
- Q&R: Save DICOM Auto Query Retrieve settings
- Q&R: Threaded DICOM Association negotiation and C-Find
- Q&R: support for Referring Physician field
- Q&R: query last 6 or 12 hours
- Abort Incoming DICOM Processes (Store-SCU)
- Add, Delete and Modify ROIs on shared database
- Support SUV computation for more than 24 hours
- Search by Patient ID on the built-in Web server
- WADO Client support for Q&R
- BullsEye plugin
- OpenOffice support (odt format) for Reports
- Export studies by email from the DB window
- Option to open PDF & DICOM PDF in Preview application
- Search in Logs, Export Logs in csv format
- Windows Tiling menu (2D Viewer) and contextual menu
- Validation process to identify corrupted files on CD/DVD
- Compatible with Oviyam project (http://oviyam.raster.in/)
- This version is the last version to support PowerPC processors (G4 &
G5 Macs)
- Continuously display the 3D cursor, if Control key and Shift key are