dicom >> Accession Number

by dpcons » Tue, 02 Feb 2010 23:53:10 GMT

I'm new to DICOM. What's the purpose of the Accession Number? Is it

dicom >> Accession Number

by Peter B Schmidt » Wed, 03 Feb 2010 05:26:10 GMT

Hello dpcons,

The Accession Number typically is given when the Patient is registered
at entering the hospital and may differ from the PatientID (which is
selected or assigned after the hospital staff considered the HIS
database to find out if the patient already had a service episode in the
Hospital and thus a Patient ID). So in some cases, a Patient ID may not
already be available, but the Accession Number is.

Of course, if there is only a standalone Modality / Workstation tandem,
the Accession Number does not really make too much of a sense.

Whether a data element is "required" depends on the Information Object
we are talking about. You may look up the specific data object in Part 3
of the DICOM Standard available at http://mediocal.nema.org , the
document in question is PS3.3-2009 "Information Object Definitions"
(which can be found in the file 09_03pu.pdf of the downloadable document
set for instance).

There you find Information Objects composed from Modules that may be
mandatory (M) or included at users option (U) or based on a certain
condition (C).

Each single information item represented by an Attribute in such a
module, which may be of type 1 (required with value), type 2 (required,
but no value necessary) or type 3 (optional). These can also have
condition, such as "you shall include laterality of the body part
examined if the body part examined is a paired structure; do not include
it if not".

I hope this makes a head-first start into DICOM easier for you. When
dealing with DICOM, there is no way around reading the Standard documents.

Kind regards,


dicom >> Accession Number

by Peter B Schmidt » Wed, 03 Feb 2010 05:27:52 GMT

Oops, typo, it shall read


instead of:

No pun intended.



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