scanners >> Canon DR 2080C - a good document scanner

by Nils-Eivind Naas » Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:42:40 GMT

We need a good document scanner for a small document archive. We are
looking at the Canon DR-2080C for a low-cost solution.

Does anyone have any comments regarding the suitability and
reliability of this machine for low-volume scanning? Or are there
better alternatives? We need automatic double-sided scanning.


scanners >> Canon DR 2080C - a good document scanner

by David Chien » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 02:46:09 GMT

Got two running around here. One for super-high volume scanning of
standard Xerox paper printed forms that come back to us. Thousands of
pages a month, no problems at all. These babies simply gobble up paper
like crazy, hardly every jam if ever at all, and just go and go and go.

Almost boring since they never have broken in the past year of use,
and a great scanner for automatic double-sided scanning, even for OCR
with Omnipage.

I wouldn't go with any of the lower-end flat-bed consumer level (ie.
$100-300) scanners which have an auto-feeder attached. These usually
have to force the paper through a 180 degree path, and jam a lot, like
the HP flatbed we've got here. A pain, and not worth the time and
effort at all!

Higher-end, business level, 20+ppm flat bed scanners from Fujitsu,
etc. are recommended if you have that much more money since they were
designed for rapid, double-sided scanning, but I'd avoid these as well
if you can -- expensive, large, and although they do the job very well,
perhaps excessive when the little DR-2080C does the job nicely for
low-volume jobs.

Once you go above that, you'll want to look at commerical level, 50+
ppm scanners from Kodak, etc. These babies were designed for very high
volume, all-kinds-of-paper-from-hell scanning jobs, and you can feed
lots of crumpled and unfolded paper through these babies w/o any
problems at all.

ask me if you have any more Q's.

scanners >> Canon DR 2080C - a good document scanner

by Nils-Eivind Naas » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:59:32 GMT

David Chien < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in


Thank you, but I think you answered my question quite
satisfactorily :-)

The order for the Canon is going out any time now.

scanners >> Canon DR 2080C - a good document scanner

by David Chien » Sat, 18 Sep 2004 02:46:01 GMT

Only thing I'd make sure to watch for -- keep both slim, clear scanning
windows inside the machine clean and free of debris. If you suddenly
start to see stripes in your scans, then something has gotten on them
and will need to be wiped off.

Here, be gentle since you can't easily replace these windows yourself if
they're scratched. A soft cloth, microfiber cleaning clothes
especially, work well since they pickup debris and keep them away from
the plastic window.

Otherwise, boring, reliable, runs forever. Wish all computer products
were made as well.

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