Control Program/Monitor >> low cost N8VEM Z80 CP/M home brew computer ECB backplane PCBs available

by lynchaj » Wed, 20 Aug 2008 07:51:42 GMT

Hi All,

The N8VEM ECB-bus backplane PCBs are available. You can use them to
expand an N8VEM SBC or for generic ECB projects. All 96 conductors
are supported including jumpers for IEI/IEO and BAI/BAO.

Details are available on the N8VEM Google Groups website. All are
invited to join.

I have built one of the ECB backplanes and tested it with my N8VEM
SBC. I have verified it works with two prototype ECB peripherals I
made previously. You can see photos on the website FILES section.

My good friend James wrote this webpage on instructions for building
your own N8VEM SBC.

If you are interested in the N8VEM project and would like to build an
SBC and/or ECB backplane please contact me offline.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch