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by EncoderWhiz » Sat, 24 May 2008 09:10:04 GMT

Thank you all who answered to my plea for help. After spending two days on it I figured it out - to some degree at least.This is NOT yet the perfect solution because I do not have any answers from Thorlabs.Preface:Thorlabs sells a line camera Model LC1-USB. It comes with a
user interface software allowing the user to operate the camera and look at
scans.We needed to implement the camera into a product. The
Thorlabs manual says they provide drivers for MS C++ and Borland C++. Well they
do not and they also do not have any information how to do this. Customer
service did provide some samples for CVI and even that was incomplete. Their application runs on the National Instruments VISA
driver and is probably written in CVI. Our need is to integrate the line camera
into an existing software program. We use Visual Studio 2008.
Fortunately National Instruments does provide VISA drivers for the Visual
Studio 2005 and will probably soon have an upgrade for VS2008. Problem:Thorlabs does not provide any information on the
message protocol for the LC1-USB camera. I used the NI VISA Spy application to
find out what code is being sent back and forth when using their application. Partial Solution: jimmyinCT wrote:Hello,
Ive always been a big fan of labview, one of the big reasons is that I can get a  good head start on any applicatino using the example programs.
For this new device, a lc1-usb from thor labs, i just have had a hard time getting started.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Ive read the instructions and see in need to import the labwindows drivers into labview.
I see the device is in measurement and automation under usb heading and appears to be working.
When i try to initialize the device, I am getting errors in debug mode saying the "device cannot be locked".
Ive tried resetting it, and just havent had luck.
I can upload the .vi later if it is recommended, dont have it infront of me right now.
I really would just like to see an example program which is reading the input of this device.
It really would help me get started in debugging if i could actually had soemthing that worked to start with.
Many thanks
 To get data out of the LC1 Camera proceed as follows: Start a Windows project in VS2008. Add the National Instruments VisaNS.DLL driver to your
project references.Since I have Measurement Studio installed it was available
but I think it can be downloaded from National Instruments web site. The NationalInstruments.VisaNS namespace exposes functions
and properties to make contact with the camera.The sample that I will post later looks first for the device named
?LC1-USB? if available it will be initialized and is ready to read data from
it. ftp://micronor/transfer/Look for the PDF file "How to use the LC1-USB Camera" The subroutine ReadTrace goes out reads the trace data which
come in a byte array of 6136 elements. The routine byte2WordArray converts the bytes to a 16 bit
short value. The camera has a 12 bit resolution and thus numbers will not
exceed 4095.Looking at the data it seems that the actual pixel data is
inverted relative to the A/D resolution. Light levels of 0 come across as
values of 4000 while high intensity values come across as numbers close to 0.
This is rather strange but may explain why Thorlabs is so reluctant to provide
any interface information.  National Instruments Instructions for VISA are helpful: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>  I still do not know how to set the integration time.??? The camera is useable but I could still not use it in my
product because in order to s

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