nortel >> Activity Codes Setup for Meridian-1 Option 11C

by Verizon » Sun, 28 Sep 2003 01:47:40 GMT

Our Config; Meridian Option 11C, Symposium 4.2, Meridian Mail 13. Our call
center director came to me to ask to set up Activity Codes to track Agents
for breaks, lunches, sales/nonsales and some other peg counts. I have some
pointers of how to implement, but if anyone has the full procedure that
would be highly apprecicated. Here is what I've done so far;

1. Put the Activity Code on a button on our Agent 3905 phones.
2. Put a few Activity Codes in Symposium.

Do I need to set up a class of service for this? How long would Activity
Code peg counts be kept for history or I guess when should we print reports
on them?

nortel >> Activity Codes Setup for Meridian-1 Option 11C

by reachkaps » Tue, 30 Sep 2003 20:45:13 GMT

Its exactly the way u mentioned apart from the fact that u need to
prog a ACNT key and not the code on the phone as such...U can generate
activity code by agent reports...this would show the occurences for
that agent...

the coundt would be kept according to your historical data since u
define it there..also no special class of service is needed....

however if u r using the not ready reason codes,u wud need to program
the nrac prompt in ld 23 for the acd as "yes"

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