solidworks >> Sheet Metal Forming Tools - Surfaces Simulate The Part

by SAdams » Wed, 19 May 2004 12:48:08 GMT

Hi Folks,

I have been playing around with sheet metal forming tools and using
surfaces to show a better image of the part feature you will get when
you use a given forming tool.

Essentially, the pallette will generally show you the anti-image of
the part (a view of the punch). After a bit of playing around I have
come up with a novel way of using surfaces to design your part feature
in the pallette and have the part that forms inherit what was done,
resulting in a forming tool.

In short - design your part feature (with surfaces) in the pallette
part instead of playing the "punch design" game and hoping the part
comes out right when the forming tool is applied. Derive the forming
tool from the part and then hide the forming tool body (not required
but makes the pallette look nicer). When you go to use the forming
tool, the "real" part feature will appear and will be easier to
understand. Since you have driven the forming tool part of the
pallette model from a viable part definition, you are assured a
correct forming tool outcome.

I like this one and thought is was worth sharing.

See two samples:



solidworks >> Sheet Metal Forming Tools - Surfaces Simulate The Part

by Mike J. Wilson » Wed, 19 May 2004 14:44:56 GMT

Nice tip! Thanks Sean.

Mike Wilson

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