microstation >> message this file is not recognized file format.

by mir » Sat, 02 Aug 2003 03:42:08 GMT

I've file name g-4.dgn it was created in Microsation95 now we tried to open
this file..its say "is not a recognized file format".

Any body what can i do? to repair this file. I tried to open in J and V8.
not luck.
Any help really appreiated.

microstation >> message this file is not recognized file format.

by Dave Preston » Sat, 02 Aug 2003 05:01:16 GMT

Can you attach it to a blank file as a reference, then copy through the

If it's not too big you could post it to the News Group, or email it to me
by replying to this email and I could try

Failing that, there is a utility called EDG provided with MicroStation for
fixing files. I can't remember where it is in MS95 but if you search the
bentley directory for edg.exe you'll find it. In explorer, drag and drop the
MicroStation design file onto it. When it opens, assuming it doesn't say it
is not a valid design file, type "repair whole", then "exit".

Dave Preston



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