cadence >> SPICE syntax and grammar

by 63q2o4i02 » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 02:42:45 GMT

Hi, does anyone know where I can get a formal Backus-Naur style syntax
and/or grammar definition for any of the various SPICEs out there?

Specifically, hspice, pspice, or berkeley spice, but Cadence's version
is probably fine too . What is the difference from a grammar/syntax


cadence >> SPICE syntax and grammar

by Bernd Fischer » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 19:44:02 GMT

In the Cadence Documentation the 'Spectre Circuit Simulator Reference'.

The Internet is full of resources: #toc ~jan/spice/spice.overview.html ~jan/spice/ ~kraahemi/spice_manual.htm

cadence >> SPICE syntax and grammar

by fogh » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 09:57:37 GMT

The only BNF I found in cadence docs (I mean the analog custom IC
flow) is for GDS2, and for the WSF, but nothing for cdsSpice or spectre.
Or is my memory failing me ?

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