MS Office Setup >> Office 2007 Install Failure: Proofing.en-us\\

by SkhBbGRlcmRpY2U » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 07:47:01 GMT

Fresh install Windows XP Pro with SP3
Office 2007 Pro

Office 2007 Pro Install Error Message:
"Setup cannot find Proofing.en-us\\"

When I go to the specific directory and click on it and retry I get the
error message "Invalid location". If I retry from a parent directory (IE:
\Proofing.en-us) I get the same "Invalid location" message.

I can see the appropriate files on the CD. Trying something else I attempted
to copy the parent directory (Proofing.en-us) and all contents to the C:
drive. I was then going to try to specify that as the place to look for the
files. All files copied except for \\ which gave a CRC error.

I have not had a problem when I installed Office 2007 in the past.

MS Office Setup >> Office 2007 Install Failure: Proofing.en-us\\

by Marendino » Sat, 08 May 2010 22:09:02 GMT

I had the same problem so I downloaded the trial version first from
Microsoft. I still received the same error however, when I downloaded
-_all_- updates, service packs, etc (may require several reboots), it
finally worked. Hope this helps

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