powerpoint >> Intersection area of circles

by Q0o » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:17:06 GMT

How to show lines of the intersection of 2 cirlces following motions to
create the intersection. Only line of circle in front is showing. I want the
true intersection. Thanks for your help!

powerpoint >> Intersection area of circles

by Chirag » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:56:57 GMT

Set the fill color of the circles to None or set something like 50%
transparency. Select the circle and then select "Format" | "AutoShape..."
menu item to access the fill color.

- Chirag

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powerpoint >> Intersection area of circles

by Echo S » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:58:15 GMT


Make the fill semitransparent.


powerpoint >> RE: Intersection area of circles

by RHIgQ3VyaW91cw » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 00:00:07 GMT

There are 2 options here -

1) make the top circle semitransparent (double-click on the object, go to
colours and lines, then click on semitransparent or else set transparency to
50%). This will allow you to see 'through' the top item to a the lower
circle. If you colour both circles then the intersection should come out as a
mixed colour (I've had trouble with printing these on some printers). This is
a good solution for Venn diagrams

2) You can 'cheat' by adding an unfilled circle over the top of the bottom
circle then moving the 3 items all at once - so your layers go: (bottom)
filled circle 1, which gets partly hidden as you now have it, (middle) filled
circle 2 which hides circle 1, (top) unfilled circle 3 which lays over circle
1 but gives the outline of circle 1 that wold otherwise be covered by circle
2. This won't allow colour-mixing but I used to use this on early PPT before
we had semi-transparency

Hope this helps
Thanks for contributing
Dr. C

powerpoint >> Intersection area of circles

by Ute Simon » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 02:45:18 GMT

> How to show lines of the intersection of 2 cirlces following motions to

You've already been given some methods to fake it in PowerPoint. If you need
a true intersection, you have to use a graphics program. I had a
"three-circle-problem" some time ago, too. A colleague drew these
circles for me in Illustrator, there you can separate the intersection. I
stored it in WMF file format and now use it like a clipart.

If you only need two or three circles, you can download my files on Mary
Sauer's homepage: http://msauer.mvps.org/submitted_publisher_projects.htm

Best regards,

powerpoint >> RE: Intersection area of circles

by Q0o » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 04:46:14 GMT

Thanks to all... I tried several of your ideas. Since I wanted to have
animation with my two circles I set the transparency to 50% and it's just
what I want.

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