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by tdevere » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 00:01:42 GMT

Hello Derf,

I've spent some time reviewing your case. I after all the research I've
done, I've come back to read your problem again and I think I'm going to
take a different approach.

If you can run the script at all - then it's likely you've setup NTFS
permission correctly (and IIS for that matter).

To me this would be a coding error - not a permissions issue.

Can you get this same code to work anywhere else?

What changed? When did it stop working etc...

What version of IIS are you running?

I think there is some logic problem here in the .pl or in the way the
redirection is happening...

You may try posting to a group that deals with pear script issues for a
second opinion.

Thank you,

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Microsoft IIS
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