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by Matt » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 06:46:53 GMT

OK... dont' bag me for doing things the wrong way, if you
can suggest a much nicer way, then go ahead, but anyways
here my problem:

I'm using WSH and command prompts (cmd) to run a few dos

Mainly i'm wanting to lookup an ip number for it's host, ie
oShell.Run "%ComSpec% /c nslookup " & strIP & "> C:\temp\"
& strIP & ".txt", 0, True

and use rar to compress files before using them, ie.
oShell.Run "c:\temp\rar.exe a -sfx -m5 -av -wc:\temp\ -ep
c:\temp\" & sFileName & ".exe c:\temp\" & sFileName
& ".txt", 0, True

i problem is that since windows 2000 (and i'm
guessing .net) the IIS securities have gotten alot
tighter... well this i know.

My problem is that unless i change the annonymous iis user
to the administrator (a BIG no no) i keep getting
permission errors.

I don't think it's on the folders... well i'm pretty sure
on that one... but i could be wrong.

If someone could tell me what, where (and how) to help me
correct this issue. what policy to change. I've tried
every possible default iis account (user and admin)
without success.

Alternatively if you can think of a solution that doesn't
require COMs etc. (as i don't have full access to all
servers these functions run on) then that'd be great

Thanx in advance

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