sas >> Can I convert SPSS .sav file(NOT .por file) to SAS dataset.

by » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 16:03:20 GMT


Would you reply the question of subject?

If yes, would you explain the method for convert?



sas >> Can I convert SPSS .sav file(NOT .por file) to SAS dataset.

by edwardsm » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 19:29:22 GMT

Good morning all!

We've tried to tackle this problem in a number of ways as well. We could
not use DBMS engines (on our SOLARIS box) and as all my data resided on in
UNIX - moving files back and forth to a Windows machine to use STATTransfer
was not feasible. So what we did was to create a script that would create a
.sas program from the .sps syntax file. This way we could also ensure that
we had the proper SAS formats.

Not exactly what you're looking for .sav -> .sas7bdat - but a different
approach that does indeed work.

Have a great day!

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Larry Hotchkiss
University of Delaware
IT User Services -- Smith Hall
Newark, DE 19716
302-831-1989   XXXX@XXXXX.COM 

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