sas >> Licensing SAS version 9 by individual?

by Jmyong2002 » Thu, 30 Sep 2004 05:07:11 GMT

Hi Folks:

Many of you are independent consultants. A company would like to offer a telecommuting opportunity. But their basic requirement is that the person should have home used license of SAS version 9. I have no idea on it. How much it may cost and how to get it.



sas >> Licensing SAS version 9 by individual?

by Howard_Schreier » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 01:16:35 GMT

You can get it from SAS (See the "Take Action" section on ). It will cost you thousands of dollars
each year, depending on which products are licensed.

The company in question can make the arrangement much more attractive and
economical by taking care of the software licensing for you.

telecommuting opportunity. But their basic requirement is that the person
should have home used license of SAS version 9. I have no idea on it. How
much it may cost and how to get it.

sas >> Licensing SAS version 9 by individual?

by peter.crawford » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 04:05:25 GMT

you might have an interesting discussion with a SAS salesman.

Whether paying for your licence is feasible, depends also on how much you
can earn from the telecommuting opportunity.
I would not want the risk that the opportunity is just a little longer
than the trial period for the licence !
Beware that the Learning Edition licence might not be valid for you if you
expect to make "commercial use" of it.

Peter Crawford
(who finds licencing a few modules appropriate and adequately feasible)

telecommuting opportunity. But their basic requirement is that the person
should have home used license of SAS version 9. I have no idea on it. How
much it may cost and how to get it.

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programs, but it does not necessarily have to be your company's software and
this definitely needs to be stressed by any SCL enthusiast who understands
the tremendous advantages offered by SAS Component Language over the arcane,
primitive, antiquated SAS Macro Language.  These advantages are so extreme
that everyone should start lobbying management immediately to purchase a
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Subject: SCL requires SAS/AF

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006, Randy Herbison wrote:

> Yes, all SCL must be compiled and a SAS/AF license is required to
> compile.
> BTW, I don't recommend SCL as a replacement for macro.

SCL is important, since many (all?) of its functions are available in BASE
SAS.  One does not need SAS/AF to run a compiled application, but compiled
is the operative word.

SCL enthusiasts should consider stressing this when advocating the
utility of SCL as an alternative to macro, which is standard in BASE.


Kevin Viel
Department of Epidemiology
Rollins School of Public Health
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

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