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by pjmiller_57 » Mon, 22 Feb 2010 23:12:37 GMT

Hello Eveyone,
I am trying to create a stacked bar grpah with subpercents. The graph lists=
the number of chemotherapy cycles patients received by whether or not they=
have completed treatment. There are 32=A0patients, 16 of whom have complet=
ed treatment and 16 of whom have not.
My code is pasted below.=20
I would like to get the overall percents at the top of each bar (i.e., in t=
he outside =3D position) and the subpercents=A0within the segments of each =
bar (i.e., in the inside=3D position).=A0For example,=A0I have a total of 6=
patients who have undergone=A02 cycles of treatment. Four patients have co=
mpleted treatment and two patients are still on treatment. Thus, the overal=
l percent for this bar should be 18.75% (6/32) and the two inside percents =
should be 12.5% (2/16)=A0and 25.0% (4/16)=A0respectively.=20
Getting the outside percent to display correctly is no problem but=A0gettin=
g the inside percents is proving to be much more difficult.
Can anyone show me how to get the inside percents?
A couple of additional questions arose as I was trying to figure out how to=
make this graph.
The first concerns how to draw an appropriately sized box around the legend=
.=A0In my code, I can use /*cborder=3Dblack*/ to=A0draw a box. However, the=
box is far too wide and, in the end, I wound up using an annotate dataset =
to draw the box.=20
Is there a way to control the size of the box around the legend without res=
orting to the use of an annotate dataset?
Finally, I also had the idea of just drawing the percent values on the bars=
using something like:
note height =3D 0.75 j =3D left
move =3D (10, 15) "(12.50%)";
The problem is that SAS puts the text behinnd the bars instead of in front =
so that they cannot be seen. I looked but was unable to find a command that=
would enable me to bring the text to the foreground.
Can anyone show me how to do this?
Thanks foy your help.
**** Create vertical bar graph;
**** Define graphics options;
goptions reset =3D all;
goptions device =3D Cgmof97l gsfname =3D wordfile ftext=3D htext=3D1;
filename wordfile "N:\Studies\MBC 0606\Output\Cycles Received.cgm";
**** List Title;
title h =3D 2 "Number of Cycles Received by Patients (N=3D&pt)";
**** Define horizontal axis options;
axis1 label =3D (h =3D 1.5 "Cycles") /*order =3D (1 to 16 by 1)*/ minor =3D=
**** Define vertical axis options;
axis2 label =3D (h =3D 1.5 a =3D 90 "Frequency") order =3D (0 to 7 by 1) mi=
nor =3D none;
pattern1 color=3Dvlib; /* very-light-blue*/
pattern2 color=3Dpalg; /* pale-light-green*/
legend1 across=3D2 shape=3Dbar(2,1)
label=3D(h=3D1 "Completed Treatment" position=3D(top center))
/*cborder=3Dblack*/ position=3D(top inside right)
offset=3D(0,-3) /*mode=3Dprotect value=3D(h=3D0.90)*/ order=3D(" Yes" "No")=
data anote;=20
function =3D'move'; x=3D59; y=3D44; output;
function =3D'draw'; x=3D80; y=3D44; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D80; y=3D38; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D59; y=3D38; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D59; y=3D44; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
proc gchart data=3Dcycles annotate=3Danote;
vbar cycles /
width =3D 6
subgroup =3D off_treatment
maxis =3D axis1
raxis =3D axis2
footnote1 "Note: Results are based on &pt subjects.";
footnote2 h=3D2;
note height =3D 0.75 j =3D left
move =3D (10, 15) "(12.50%)";
goptions reset =3D all;

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group = VISIT;

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proc* *gchart* data=chart;

vbar TRT /


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