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by pchoate » Tue, 10 Jun 2008 02:03:55 GMT

Hi Tom -

From the documentation - the 'query' parameter returns a lock status


if (rc=%sysrc(_SWLKUSR)) then _msg_='Table is currently


'QUERY' queries the lock status of a SAS table or a SAS catalog entry.

_SWNOLKH not currently locked. SYSRC of -630099.

_SWLKUSR locked by another user. SYSRC of -630097.

_SWLKYOU locked or in use by the caller. SYSRC of -630098.


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Subject: any function to test if a file is locked ?

I know SAS has a statement / function LOCK to lock a sas file for
But I am wondering if SAS has a routine or function to detect if a file
being locked. Any idea ?


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rc = LOCK('mylib.mytable','LOCK');
dsid = OPEN('mylib.mytable','I');
dsid = OPEN('mylib.mytable','U');
   DATA work.newtable;
      SET mylib.mytable;
   DATA mylib.mytable;
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This seems to work with some initial testing. However, I'm wondering if
there are any cases where this technique would not work (i.e. where this
session would lock itself out of the table somehow, or where the LOCK
function somehow would not lock out other users).

One situation I can think of where this would not work is if I did a remote
submit. The remote session would be locked out of the table when it finds
that the table is locked, even though the remote session corresponds to
this user.

Other than that are there any problems with this approach? I don't see alot
of info in SAS Help about how exactly the LOCK function works.


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NOTE: SKIPPY.LMS_2005_20080603.DATA is not locked or in use by you or
any other users.

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Christopher L Hamilton
Washington Mutual | Deposit Risk Management

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